Want to create a cryptocurrency exchange

for FREE* in 60 days?!

we offer you a ready-made solution that will save at least 9 months for the development of crypto-exchange and about $ 300 - $500 thousand for the team of programmers, financiers and support service


We have already opened the cryptocurrency exchange, took this experience and present you the ideal product

Creating your own cryptocurrency exchange is an expensive and technically complex process. Only $ 250,000 a year will go to the development team. At the start-up stage you will have the current operating costs: maintenance of staff of programmers, financiers, customer support - it's about$250,000

We offer you more than a ready-made crypto exchange:


Technical support

You do not need to contain a team of programmers - this is a huge expense item that you can direct to marketing for the rapid development of the cryptocurrency exchange


Liquidity provision

You will get access to the liquidity of our exchange and other partners, as well as the ability to connect the liquidity aggregator with the top exchanges-this will help to quickly attract clients


Opening of crypto-exchange in 60 days

We will be able to develop, test and launch your cryptocurrency exchange within two months after the agreement


Financial safety

We guarantee the safety of your funds and are fully responsible to you for the balance on the accounts of your clients.

The perfect product of the highest level


Microservice Architecture

The use of microservices makes it possible to respond quickly to changes in business requirements and to be ahead of competitors, as well as to make crypto-exchange more flexible and resilient to failures: even if one of the services fails, this does not lead to the failure of the entire application

High Transaction Speed

We have optimized the code so that it can handle thousands of transactions per second without significant load on the server


Contemporary Language

The implementation of the trading platform on the basis of the compiled multithreaded programming language GO (often also Golang), guarantees the developed product high performance and highly efficient multitasking processing

Currency Integration

You get access to all currency pairs that are on our exchange and our partners, the ability to integrate your tokens in the shortest possible time


Perfect management

Automatic, semi-automatic and manual control over the entire cryptocurrency exchange and individual modules: deposit/withdrawal of funds, users, the size of the Commission. Advanced analytics features

Your crypto-exchange will meet the highest international levels of security

When developing a cryptocurrency exchange, we pay special attention to security. The safety of funds of our partners and their customers is a mission № 1 for our team. We have implemented 4 levels of protection


White lists of IP addresses

user has the ability to create a list of valid IP addresses from which authorization is available


Two-factor authentication

your clients will be able to use 2FA through the Google Authenticator app, as well as activate the sending of verification codes via SMS or e-mail


Reconciliation of balances 24/7

protection against unauthorized access to databases with the replacement of the balance sheet or any other cheating of the balance on the client's account


Multisignature crypto wallets

allows you to control the withdrawal of funds by a certain group of persons to exclude the withdrawal of funds from the company

Our team has unique experience and is able to solve problems of any complexity

We will help you to build a workflow and significantly reduce the cost of doing business with a high-tech product


Experience in IT since 2010

We have an extensive experience in IT, design, web and mobile application development


7 years in the finance sphere

Experience in launching successful projects in Forex and crypto Markets


HTP resident-company since 2018

Hi-tech Park (Belarus) is one of the largest it incubators in Central and Eastern Europe


Team Lead


Front End Developer


Back End Developer


IOS Developer

Your project will be under work


Android Developer


UI/UX Designer


Project Manager


Software Tester

Create your future crypto currency exchange by yourself!

You can choose a basic set or add additional services or modules and get a turnkey crypto-exchange with all available functions

* At the conclusion of an additional partnership agreement. The posted information is not a public offer agreement